my first US bikeKarl Marx, in one of his writings, refers to the first small Railway line between Bombay and Kalyani and says that it is the beginning of an end. (Is it Kalyani or any other station?) British imperialism by introducing Railways to India, builds its own way out.
Transport and communication make human life inexorably mobile. These two things put the life on the path of growth and change. I really wonder why some people think that Marx was off the mark in his ‘journalistic’ writings on India from Britain. He was utterly right on several counts in this observation, I believe.
Okay. That is not the ‘topic’ now.
Thanks to Mamatha Kodidela I have now got my own bike and mobile phone. We bought two bicycles for both of us… for me and for her a week back. And she took an extra number for my own use. So I have my own device with me.
This, in the pic,is my own bike in US and the half seen white one is Mamatha’s. I still need to learn how to use the gears in a bike but I am already enjoying riding.
And this, below, is my mobile number in US. I request my friends to note it and keep me posted of ‘new’s about them.
609 647 2863
Thus, I slowly get Americanized, if there is anything like Americanization. 🙂


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