A Post in FB and…

The post: I strongly feel that Daliths, these days, are isolating themselves from other progressive forces rather than waging struggle to gain actual leadership over social changes. Does this attitude help Daliths at large or does it help only the few individuals to ‘lead’ with much lesser effort?

Me again after some body’s comment: Let me remove a misunderstanding. I am not advocating the idea that Daliths should work under the leadership of non daliths. Far from it. Dalith movement should be lead by Daliths and all internal contradiction have to be resolved by themselves. Why do they not join or invite other oppressed sections/castes into solidarity movements, is my question. Initiative for this must be from both sides. Better if the solidarity movements too are taken initiative of and lead by daliths. That’s one way to gain leadership over society at large. Not doing so will only isolate them and limit them to the opportunist dalith leadership and lead to a ghetto-thinking in them.

And Again after the post: Swathi Vadlamudi Mine is no agenda for any body. I wanted to post an alert. I know, at least some of them must have read it and reflected for a second or two. That is enough for me. They have to think and act for themselves. Persons like me can only march in solidarity with them. Cannot lead them. (I have my own work to do). Their emancipation has to be lead by them. Their suspicions of the ‘others’ are genuine. I respect the suspicions. They are reasonable.

Swathi Vadlamudi, You are right. There are regressive and undemocratic elements there too. But we have no space today, devoid of such elements. Yet, daliths are the most progressive as they happen to be in need of liberation from the present conditions than any other sections of society. It is this utter necessity that makes them leaders of the struggle for democracy. Even hypocrisy and falsehood, in their ranks, has to be fought by them, not by outsiders. We can point it out and even fight out if it affects us and the social life at large, I believe.


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