Forgetful Brahma

(Please tell me how is my translation of my own poem ‘Brahma Marupu’. Correct me)  

You imagine yourself in a Bar contriving your body lying face down and some guys coming to stnad you up smiling calling you a poor drunkard while actually desiring to drink you up and then you suddenly remember  that you are a girl sitting on the curve of the moon with your feet touching stars  hands throwing a bait into the forbidden waters singing rock-a- bye baby while dying with fright that the fish would really be caught and also suspecting  that among the guys gathering around is your husband you flash your anaconda fang at the darkness and shout kill you bastard and somebody reminds you laughing anaconda has no biting teeth and that you never ever were married and then he authenticates himself as a highly placed wiper of the butt of a Reddy kamma or velama king oh did you declare that nobody needs to leave all will have jobs as you being drunk and lying face down need lots of help and then one of them enters you he being restless keeps on entering and leaving while you keep getting pierced until the end of the Age which would never end until the tamarind tree bears Neem flowers oh oh you never knew why veera brahmam sent you  with a thorn in the buttock to the Bar and well why did the forgetful brahma sent you down a half finished toy you never knew whether you were a girl boy or transgender never knew how many times did you wet your bed and sat in the dampness all the night listening to the world’s heavy breathing with your face heavily down on the hands dreaming of really being a girl and a mom that too


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