Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!…

Translation by Sri Nauduri Murty

You are neither the plaintiff nor the defendant

You have no business with the litigation here


But, watching the proceedings, you jumped into the abyss

Wagered with your soul and lost your stakes.


What is now left for you is to exit the place

Collecting the spilled spirit in the cup of your hands


The sporting of children with pebbles in the crimson evening sun

Is an evanescent song taking shape with nascent vocab.


A gust of zephyr down the hill caresses you ever so gently

And adieus giving you an identity, place and a nationality


How long can you stay put on the periphery?

You try to judge, slip, and join some bandwagon.


You reduce to a view in a dialectic that has no final say,

And from then on, look for a way out of the maze.


Not now anyway, but perhaps, at the end of the war

all of us come together after the retreat and laugh our hearts out.


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